How to get shiny, healthy and strong hair, naturally

Have you ever wondered how other people get such wonderfully thick, shiny and beautiful hair? Is your hair too thin? Too oily? Is it fine and breaks easily? Is your scalp dry and itchy, and your hair frizzy?

Did you know that the natural healing system of Ayurveda can help put you on the path to a beautiful scalp and lustrous locks?That’s right, Ayurveda – the ancient and powerful Hindi practice of mind and body health, and for hair care it is no exception. No matter what your issue could be, there is a specific set of herbs, powders, and oils or a combination of those that can definitely help you on that road to fabulous hair. And what better place to get those combinations than

If you grew up anywhere near the 1970s in the USA, you’ll remember a product called “Gee, your hair smells terrific!” I remember really looking forward to my evening bath when my mom would wash my hair and I would come out smelling like a million bucks. I had long fine but thick hair, and it would smell great all day long. Problem is, it dried it out. My hair not only smelled great but became a tangled mess by the end of the day. It wasn’t too long after that the product was out of production. Like this and so many other commercially available products, the alcohol, and detergents, along with the need (or the perceived need) of washing our hair every day can leave you with hair frizzy and frazzled like it’s straight out of the 1980s. This product is still being marketed in the Philippines, and I have half a mind to order some, and find out why it dried out my hair so bad!
A study that Dove hair care concluded, one out of every four women has avoided activity due to the appearance of their hair and 88 percent of them said good hair days boosted their confidence. So why would you continue to feel afraid to walk out the door, when Ayurveda could be the answer?

Pitta? Vata? Kapha? Brahmi? Henna? Shikakai? Say what? If you don’t know what these words indicate, and how they apply to you then has Ayurvedic experts standing by to help you figure it all out. Ayurveda is a complex and wonderful system for whole body and mind balancing, but it can be overwhelming and difficult to understand how you need to approach your health and hair care.
The first is to find your Dosha type. Basically, there are three “Dosha” or energy types. Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. You can be one of these or as in my case, a combination of two. You can find your Dosha type or even your Prakriti by taking an easy online test at – or ask the Ayurvedic specialists at to help you out. Dosha type is important because it governs your mind-body connection and is tied directly to your overall health.

The Ayurvedic specialists at will ask you multiple and in-depth questions (and it’s ok, they could be a little personal) About your physical appearance, Your Health, and your mind connection and the environment in which you live. Ayurveda Natural Holistic Cures Supplements focuses on the balance between Mind, Body, and Environment, so it’s important to give them all of the information they need to get you where you want to be!
For example, My Dosha is Vata – Kapha, My hair tends to be fine, dry and frizzy. My skin is dry, and I can’t stand the cold. Knowing this – the Ayurvedic practitioner at can put together a scalp or whole health regimen for me so I can have healthy, shiny and lustrous hair. The system of Ayurveda concentrates on not just the outward appearance of your hair. While the products you use on your hair can have a direct result on the appearance of your hair, your internal health and the level of stress from your environment is also a factor. All of these things must work together in harmony to have a healthy life and healthy hair.

What are some of the oils and herbs you could use? Ayurveda uses a specific combination of herbs, powders, and oils specific to India and the surrounding areas, and could, depending on your Dosha type and specific environmental and health factors vary. Some like Henna and Coconut oil – that are widely available could be part of the prescription, and of course, the Ayurveda Specialists at have access to much more, and can help you work through everything you’ll need to a healthier scalp!

When my friend started using Ayurvedic practices on her hair there was a dramatic difference in the health and appearance of her hair. Granted her hair was much thicker, both in amount and density than mine, and she also had a bit of a dry scalp – so what she did, didn’t really work for me. I do know that the dry environment in that which we live was causing more problems with her scalp than mine, and by washing her hair with harsh detergents every day was doing more harm than helping it. But that regimen she started doing was nothing short of a miracle. By the time I saw her again, approximately 6 months after she started her journey, I couldn’t believe the difference.

She had started coloring her hair with Henna, and it was incredible. Her hair has a beautiful reddish glow and was silky smooth. She used an oil formulation specific to her hair type and used that about every other day on her scalp in the shower. Her combination was a small amount of Brahmi and pure coconut oil. (Yours would most likely be a little different) She never used shampoo. She conditioned her hair with another combination of oils, and conditioners (something I wasn’t privy to the ingredients of). Her hair started to curl, and stick together in natural, and beautifully wavy bands. It was shiny and thick. It started to grow like crazy (for she was also taking internal herbs to help her overall health) and she rarely had to brush or treat it otherwise. It was just amazing!

While this practice was good for her, especially her hair and Dosha type, the Ayurvedic Specialists at can put together a special regimen for your hair and Dosha type. It only takes a few minutes to visit, and get started with an Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment Today!

Cheers to a better you!