Ayurvedic analysis

Modern Science is very good in fighting disease but in many ways it is incomplete and in other ways can be harmful. Today with the advent of chain hospitals and strong profit motive, one is not always sure whether the surgery or strong pharmaceuticals being recommended is truly necessary or based on either an incomplete understanding of the disease or just a desire to make some money. One hears the stories that hospitals are putting quotas on doctors to sell stents or bypass or other surgeries. As they say the only minor surgery is one that is happening to someone else.

Did you know that there are literally thousands of hospital admissions today because of adverse effects of strong pharmaceuticals. This is true in advanced nations of the West as it is in what is termed as less advanced nations. This is a universal problem.

A solution exists: Many of us know about Yoga and its benefits but don’t know the mother of Yoga!! Ayurveda is Yoga’s forerunner and has been around for thousands of years. Thankfully over these thousands of years, learned Indian sages, doctors and professors have documented and preserved the causes, origins, treatments of disease. Over these same thousands of years they have also learned what not to do, which is of equal value.

People mistakenly think that all Ayurvedic medicine is like a General Practice in Western medicine or Allopathy. It is not and in fact specialization in medicine for various organs and diseases is a contribution of Ayurveda. Our network of Ayurveda doctors is a combination of general practitioners as well as those that are specialized in different fields from internal Organs to Vision, Joints, Oncology to Psychiatric conditions. This allows us to serve you by bringing the best medical knowledge needed for whatever ails you. As you know this is not easily available anywhere.

Next lets be honest. No matter which field of medical practitioners one approaches today, they are all so pressed for time that they are making quick judgments and moving on to the next patient. Ayurveda doctors are not immune of it.

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This is where The Rhythms of Life process comes in. Doctors in our network start with lots of information that is necessary to do a diagnosis. They can study the answers from the client, they look at the medical history and if they need ,other information, they can ask for it. Hence a thorough deep dive into the clients condition without the client sitting in front of them or a crowd of patients in the waiting room.

Such a service doesn’t exist anywhere that we know. Its very time intensive for the doctors ( the file maybe seen by more than one doctor)and the staff hence their compensation reflects the investment of time and attention paid. At the same time to make it affordable we have designed the process using technology. In any event, we never forget that this is about you and your health and are always available on email/phone/video.

Our process is simple
Fill out the Prakruti and Vikruti questionnaires online OR

If you hate filling forms, for a small additional charge, we can call you and go thru the questionnaire.

Next, our Doctors will analyze the information you provided.

If additional information is needed, we will connect with you to ask for more information.

If the doctor feels, no additional information is needed, he/she will setup a 30 minute phone call with you to share their diagnosis and recommendations.

Whatever medication is needed, we will ship it you  anywhere in the world thru couriers.

So if you want the best in class Ayurvedic analysis of your health and start the road to recovery. Once you complete the payment you will receive an email with the Prakruti and Vikruti questionnaires.