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Tongue Analysis for Insomnia

Did you know your tongue is the barometer of your health? It can offer you insights into your health conditions without having to undergo harmful radiology tests and other expensive clinical tests involving blood and urine samples. Ancient science of Chinese natural holistic cures that has been practiced and perfected over five millennia uses your tongue as a diagnostic tool to get insights into your health. It offers accurate diagnosis of your health and also alerts about severe illnesses and medical conditions at an early stage. Every health condition creates a distinctive pattern on your tongue and the expert practitioners rely on Cracks, Color, Coating, Swollen Condition and Teeth Marks to identify health problems at their nascent stage. From Spinal Problems to Insomnia and Heart diseases, everything can be identified by carefully analyzing the condition of your tongue.

 Today, most practitioners have had positive experiences with patients using a best cordless water flosser, further putting the issue to rest.

What Diseases/Medical Conditions Are Detected?

  • insomnia Insomnia in Adults and Kids.
  • insomnia Organ Health including Cardiac, Renal and Liver condition.
  • insomnia Toxicity of Body including their accumulation points.
  • insomnia Lack of essential nutrients in the body.
  • insomnia Tension and emotions being held in the body.
  • insomnia Thyroid Disorder, Anaemia, Malabsorption of nutrients.
  • insomnia Inflammation in the body.
  • insomnia Imbalance of Vata, Pitta or Kapha (which are Doshas or energies).
Chinese Tongue Diagnosis

Chinese Natural Holistic Cures for Insomnia

Insomnia has turned into a global health problem. It isn’t restricted to older people anymore as cases of Insomnia in kids are increasing by the day. While it may not pose serious danger to your life, over time this can affect your professional, social and personal life. Tongue Analysis can throw light into this condition and also identify the root cause of the problem. We deal with dozens of cases of insomnia every week and it creates distinctive cracks on your tongue. Vata (which governs your mind and body) derangement leads to insomnia and other problems such as fear, anger, nervous disorder and anxiety. Once we detect the root cause of the problem and its gravity we can suggest you the right course of Insomnia treatment. It is simple and at the same time highly effective treatment technique with no side effects.

Avoid expensive tests and get deep insights into your health with our Comprehensive Tongue Analysis.

Your Tounge can tell you everything about your Health.

Steps for Tongue Analysis

Step 1

Step 1

Open your mouth, extend your Tongue in a relaxed fashion.

Step 2

Step 2

Take a picture from your smart phone.

Step 3

Step 3

Upload your tongue picture by clicking upload button.

Tounge Analysis only @ [get_converted_price price=1170]/-

Know about your overall health without Blood, Urine tests, Xray or MRI

Upload your tongue picture and find out about your organs.Tongue diagnosis to know what’s going on inside you

We use a 4,000 year old Traditional Methodic System that is approved by the World Health Organization, a part of the United Nations. This sophisticated system using an image of your Tongue and give you an diagnosis of your Liver, Gall/Urinary Bladder, Kidneys, Large/Small Intestines, Stomach, Spleen, Lungs and Heart.

Just upload a picture of your tongue and our expert doctors will give you a complete diagnosis and Herbalist Consultation.

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Our team of doctors, wellness managers, and health specialists at The Rhythms of Life assess your health the condition of your organs by looking at the tongue. The tongue itself is like a lab in your mouth which gives the Doctor insight into the status of your organs without any other test.

Once we complete your tongue diagnosis we will send you back along a complete report on your overall health and with foods and lifestyle choices you should follow or avoid.

In addition, the tongue analysis will help our Chinese Doctors prescribe, If you choose, herbal medications that you need. We can arrange for the herbal meds to be delivered to your home.

Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures is made up of deep knowledge of Meridians which regulate the flow of energy in our body, usually called Qi. The system classifies health conditions by the following body types called, “Zheng”: Full Equilibrium i.e. Balanced Zheng, (less than 5% of the Population is in this category), Yang, Ying, Damp Heat and Damp Phlegm. Within these classifications, Traditional Chinese Doctors, can identify your Qi status. There is no one deficiency better than others. The system just describes various imbalances that we all have to manage to maintain our Wellbeing.

So come to us, you are in good hands

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