Constipation, Stamina, Opioid, Insomnia, Migraine and other health challenges can be cured using Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements. The Rhythm of Life is an organization that specializes in phytoNatural Holistic Cures  for the treatment of diseases and illnesses. This organization believes that the use of chemical Natural Holistic Cures Supplements is obscene and that the cure to some illnesses and diseases, as well as for a healthy living are in “natural” Natural Holistic Cures Supplements (plant and herbal recipe).

With the expertise of highly qualified Yoga masters, experienced Ayurvedic doctors and trusted Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements practitioners, The Rhythm of Life not only offer natural remedies for constipation and other challenges, they as well use spiritual and culinary practices to overcome modern lifestyle diseases.

The services the organization offer are as follows:

  • Integrate allopathic Natural Holistic Cures Supplements with traditional Ayurvedic practices.
  • Offer Specialist teams of more than 50 highly educated Ayurvedic Practitioners.
  • Provide access to the best Ayurvedic Clinics in India.
  • Purvey the biggest pharmacy of natural Natural Holistic Cures , in the world.
  • Facilitate remote consultation with your dedicated doctors.
  • Provide free diagnostics and a safe place to store all your medical documents.

Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements

Taking a dig into the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements (TCM), The Rhythm of Life uses these two distinctively to help people resolve their constipation and other health challenges. There is a wide range of problems the TCM can solve. Qualified Rhythm of Life doctors uses the Ayurvedic to diagnose these problems. Now, let’s take a look at Constipation and how TCM arrest this.


There are certain things that can cause Constipation (Digestive disorder). However, the Ayurvedic procedure requires you go to a wellness assessment by answering some questions which one out of the 50 professional doctors will attend to you on. Causes of constipation can be insufficient fluids, dietary fiber, or refusing to visit the restroom when pressed. Moreover, the use of certain drugs and excessive use of laxative can cause constipation. Depression, hyperthyroidism, and colon cancer can also cause constipation.

When external heat penetrates into the body, it affects the large intestine. Symptoms of high fever, thirst, and sweating can be seen. This can be regarded as constipation. The pulse then the d to be high and very spontaneous, and the tongue changes color to red with a yellow coat. However, there is need to follow a treatment plan to examine the severity of the situation before further action can be taken.

Treatment planning for Constipation

The severity of the disorder determines the treatment plan. The Rhythm of Life have researchers who are dedicated to finding new herbal solutions to curing diseases.

The TCM is very effective in this case, where specially selected herbs can be used. These herbs have a cooling and purgative effect. However, the Rhythm of Life herbal laxatives usually brings relief within a day. Chronic constipation is as a result of a deficiency in one of the vital substances. With the help of professionals, you will be placed on the best plan for a quick recovery.

Our Constipation Therapy involves

  • Treatment strategy based on Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements (TCM) Diagnosis (tongue-based)
  • Low risk constipation treatment with no adverse reactions or side-effects
  • Herbal supplements to soothe and protect digestive tract from irritation and inflammation.
  • Chinese dietary therapy.
  • Acupuncture to help increase the body’s natural production of Qi (Energy) and blood.
  • Oriental abdomen massages to stimulate better bowel movement.

Our Constipation products include

  • Triphala syrup, good for men, women, and infants.
  • The Liv-52 is a very good product for mild constipation, Jaundice, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, alchoholic hepatitis, appetite loss, anorexia nervosa, poor digestion, cirrhosis of liver, fatty liver disease, inflammation of gall bladder, protein energy malnutrition, toxicosis.