Custom Retreat Group Package

Do you have 6-7 other friends of yours that are also health and wellness-minded? If so, you must check out The Rhythms of Life Custom Retreat Group Package. An exclusive getaway for a group of 6-8 people with exclusive access to Ayurvedic massage and wellness doctors, a group-dedicated support specialist team, a provided acupuncture doctor, and in the remote location chosen by your group. Learn more about the package below!

Choose Any Site

Whether your group wants to be alongside a beach or in the mountains, our team will make the arrangements from A to Z.

Acupuncture with Doctor

Enjoy acupuncture for the entire group, included is our dedicated acupuncture staff doctor with years of experience.

 Support Staff

On site is our group-dedicated support staff team ready to assist you in anything wellness, health, happiness, etc.

 Ayurvedic Team

The Custom Retreat features Aryuvedic massage & our Wellness Managers with expertise in all types of supplementation.

What Are You Waiting For?

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