Do you constantly suffer from migraines and pounding headaches? Does much of the pain settle in your neck, or is concentrated around your temples?
Do you wish there was some other way to tackle headaches, migraines and neck pain naturally and without prescription and surgery?
We’ve been taught for so long that the only way to “cure” these headaches is to take loads of prescription medications and even possibly in extreme cases have surgery. While the United States is being drowned in pain medications and young people are becoming more and more dependent on opioids they receive from their doctors, many other countries are dealing with their pain the way they have for thousands of years. There is a different way of approaching health and wellness and sometimes it’s not at the bottom of a pill bottle.

For many people, there are lifesaving drugs they MUST have in order to stay alive, but when it comes to common issues like migraines and severe neck pain, there can be alternatives. There, of course, are always extreme cases that just can’t be explained or cured….but there are many alternatives to pain management, and one or a combination of them may just be the ticket to getting rid of your migraine headache. Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements, Ayurveda, and Western Herbal Therapy may just be the help you need.

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We must first stress that if you are experiencing a sudden onset migraine, accompanied by vomiting, severe neck pain, fever or dizziness – seek medical attention immediately. If you encounter pounding headaches and migraines on a regular basis, read on!
Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements, Ayurveda, Herbal therapies… much to choose from!

The TCM according to is “A medical system that has been used for thousands of years to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements includes acupuncture, diet, herbal therapy, meditation, physical exercise, and massage.”

First, the main function of Acupuncture is to maintain the flow of Qi (pronounced chee) or energy in the body. It’s a 2,000-year-old practice and was developed based on the limited knowledge people had of the human body at the time. They believed that by inserting needles into the skin (where the body absorbed disease) they could either let it out or clear the blockages that were causing the pain or ailment. Now in modern times, researchers understand that there is somehow a possible biochemical response to needling and that there are corresponding neurological pathways that seem to assist in pain management. While Acupuncture, Acupressure and electrical stimulation are not for everyone, this can be an effective way to relax, and drain off some of the tension that can cause those confounded headaches!

Next, is something that many people don’t take into account when experiencing migraines. Diet. Let me ask you a question. When you last went to your doctor for a headache, did they ask you what you eat? Most likely not. We all eat so many different things from around the world – our bodies sometimes can not process them properly, and therefore can cause loads of health problems.

When I was a vet tech 3 lifetimes ago one of the first questions we asked our clients when a dog presented with a health issue we couldn’t immediately identify – we’d ask what they fed him. Most dog foods at the time were loaded with preservatives, corn, wheat, and things we probably didn’t want to know, and many of the itchy hot spots, loose bowels, and other issues were attributed directly from those ingredients.

Luckily these days dog food has healthier alternatives, but we as humans have still insisted on eating loads of junk food and call it “nutrition”. We pack our animals full of corn that’s been sprayed with chemicals and then eat the animals topped with wheat that’s been sprayed with loads of chemicals, and cheese from those cows, and tomatoes that have been sprayed with loads…..well you get the picture. The point is if you’ve started getting headaches, and there is no explanation for them (You’ve visited your doctor and got a complete blood work up for instance) You might want to visit your diet, start making a diary and begin eliminating things that could be contributing to your headaches. There are many conditions that can cause severe headaches, and taking supplements can be effective as well. Do your research!

Now we come to Herbal Therapy. Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements, Ayurveda and Traditional Herbal therapy is far and wide the most complex and far-reaching alternative to prescription pills. a huge number of roots, flowers, leaves, berries, and bark are the foundation of many of the prescription (and non-prescription) drugs you find today. For example, the bark of a white willow tree was the original aspirin. Just peel some of the bark off of a first-year growth sapling in the spring, place it in a jar of vodka, and let sit for about 4 weeks, and voila! Instant headache remedy!

Feverfew – named for its dramatic fever reducing properties, and deemed the “medieval aspirin” also has proven to be a very effective migraine tonic when made as a tea. Feverfew is a very common plant, and there is probably one growing nearby! Valerian (be careful, some people are allergic!) chamomile, hops, borage, passion flower, vervain, lemon balm, California poppy and catnip can all be made into teas to help relax you, and melt away those tension headaches, and possibly relax that neck pain. Several of these, including the poppy, are excellent natural pain relievers, and will help you sleep, too! There are many other Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements and Traditional Western Medicinal syrups, oils, Tinctures, Vinegars and herbal mixtures that can be used for headache remedies as well….But What is Ayurveda?

Chinese, traditional and the traditional Indian Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements practices, called Ayurveda, all use complex mixes of herbs, roots and as in Ayurveda – minerals and metals. Ayurveda concentrates on meditation, relaxation, and general care of your body, mind, and soul. Nearly 70% of India’s population subscribe to and use some form of traditional Ayurvedic healing in their lives! Ayurvedic Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements combines diet, complex herbal combinations, meditation, massage, and yoga. Ayurvedic healing is the science of life….Ayur = Life and Vedic = Science.

Massage is an obviously amazing alternative to drugs or doctor’s offices. Many places even have monthly payment options and make each visit affordable and easy to obtain. Massage and meditation to reduce your stress and relax your body may be all you need to melt away those stressful company meetings, uncomfortable desk chairs, and taxing deadlines. Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements and Ayurvedic Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements both have particular massage practices that are as unique as the healing practices themselves.

Chiropractic work can also help alleviate those painful neck and temple headaches by re-aligning your spine. Talk to a chiropractor about how it can help, but be cautious because it can also cause headaches if you are not dedicated to regular visits as recommended.

Lastly, tension headaches, Migraines, neck pain, and stress can sometimes be the result of those very things I listed above, and the lack of fresh air and exercise. While everyone can get headaches and fall ill – most people that start feeling that a tension headache is creeping up the back of their neck, just getting up and simply exercising can make that tension slip away. We are made to be on the move. Humans are built to work hard, and we’ve become a very complacent and dormant in our modern lives. We weren’t made to get up, drive to work, sit at an office, sit in a car, sit for dinner, sit and watch tv then go to bed. It’s not healthy! Yoga is another form of low impact exercise, that can help stretch, and tone all areas of your body, as well as some levels of meditation that can help melt away stress.

It may take some time to find what works for you. Not all Chinese Natural Holistic Cures¬†Supplements, Ayurveda, or herbal remedies work for all people, and not all people can work for all remedies. It takes research, dedication, and patience. But in the long run, you will be a healthier, happier version of yourself….and it just may be 100% medication free! Good Luck!