Stamina is a health challenge faced by both males and females. The use of chemical Natural Holistic Cures Supplements to curb this menace has proven to be not sufficient. The use of alternative and effective Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements is the solution. With the help of a team of researchers and qualified doctors, this organization has been able to create certain herbal Natural Holistic Cures Supplements that perform magical wonders.

Natural herbal Natural Holistic Cures Supplements with the proper Ayurvedic program are remedies for many diseases and sicknesses. One common health challenge being faced by many is that of Stamina.


Testosterone is produced in the ovaries in the female, and in the testes in the male with some form of urge. It is mostly responsible for muscle development and strength, libido, and sperm production/fertility.

Testosterone deficiency syndrome

Testosterone deficiency syndrome, also known as andropause or climacteric refers to signs and symptoms in men commonly associated with the aging process. This deficiency is usually observed during or after middle-age. Testosterone deficiency syndrome can result in

  • Loss of muscle
  • Low bone density
  • Stamina
  • Low libido
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Frailty or physical decline, and
  • Lower lean muscle mass to fat ratio.

These symptoms might be due to declining androgen levels associated with aging. However, some medical authorities do not recognize andropause as a distinct clinical phenomenon separate from the normal aging process. Nonetheless, The Rhythm of Life doctors are highly specialized and experienced in this area. With the use of ancient TCM, The Rhythm of Life put up some remedial programs and diagnostic plans to help curb this problem.

The Stamina symptoms women exhibit are menopause related such as

  • Insomnia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hot Flashes
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Low libido

There are certain things that attribute to the Stamina levels, these are

  • Certain medications like that of Blood Pressure, SSRI’s for anxiety or depression.
  • Chronic and long-term stress can lower the testosterone level. It can also lead to sexual, fertility, fatigue, and psychological issues.
  • Irregular sleeping pattern and lack of sleep can deplete the body’s reserve of Kidney essence and draw down balance resulting in Sex Drive.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol will decrease levels primarily by converting testosterone to estradiol.
  • Chemicals such as Xenoestrogens are chemical endocrine disruptors associated with daily exposure to industrial chemicals (petrochemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, meats, canned foods, personal care products, and plastics).
  • Age is an unavoidable factor. The body’s testosterone level will generally decrease by 1 percent every year after age 45 or so.
  • Diabetes is a risk of Stamina.
  • Too little body exercise may lead to the metabolic syndrome or diabetes which depresses testosterone levels. Alternatively, an excessive physical activity may stress the body and deplete testosterone levels. Appropriate exercise helps to lower estrogen levels and enhance testosterone levels.
  • Lack of sexual activity reduces the testosterone level.

Treatment Planning for Stamina

The Traditional Chinese Natural Holistic Cures Supplements is important in the treatment plan for Stamina. Moreover,

  • The patient must have undergone the Ayurvedic diagnostic process to determine the severeness of the challenge and for the examiner to know how best to address the condition.
  • The Rhythm of Life experts specializes in both Ayurvedic and TCM for the recovery process. Based on the criticalness of the challenge, patients will be advised on the best program to be engaged.
  • It is important for patients to heed strictly to the advice given by instructors during the program.