Our Founder

Our founder, Prad Sabharwal, had an incredibly varied career before embarking on this journey into alternative health care. He is a lifelong global banker with a myriad of business interests such as real estate, deep sea fishing, and agri-business. He has always had a strong entrepreneurial streak in him that he’s parlayed to each and every interest he has had, making each and every project he embarked on a piece of his heart and soul.
Across his life, he has used alternative medicine for a variety of lifestyle health issues such as acupuncture for pinched nerves, or herbal medicine to promote kidney health, as he was told by a ayurvedic doctor early in his adulthood that he would be prone to kidney stones.

In September of 2015, Prad stayed at an Ayurvedic clinic, Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine in Bangalore, India, where the doctors on sight told him he had developed incredibly large kidney stones that even the herbal medicines would not be able to treat. His only option was surgery, so he travelled back to his home in St. Louis, Missouri, where he had two separate kidney surgeries to address the issues in hopes that from that point forward, he would be able to restart on his herbal medicine lifestyle. Following his second surgery, he had a massive stroke as a result of a blood clot from the second kidney operation. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors administered a TPA and were able to stabilize him in a matter of hours, calling his recovery from such a stroke miraculous.
As is common in the aftermath of strokes, Prad had a few problems still lasting into his rehabilitation. First, he developed violent hiccups that were painful and physically shook his body. After trying a few depressant drugs in the ICU, he asked to bring in his acupuncturist to treat the problem. The attending physicians agreed, and stayed to watch the entire procedure as the doctor tended to various pressure points that could relate to the irritation of the diaphragm, causing the hiccups. Ultimately, that solved the problem for good, much to the amazement of the medical team. After his discharge from the rehabilitation hospital, Prad experienced some bouts of depression, something common for fast-paced individuals who are suddenly stopped from doing work, cooking, walking his beloved dogs, or any other hobby that he was unable to do. Again, he approached his Ayurvedic doctor who gave him herbal medicine designed to calm moods and help with the depression he was seeing, and it helped him tremendously in his recovery, allowing him to be lively and optimistic during his therapy sessions, and be right minded about his recovery.
The Rhythms of Life was founded as a way to understand the relationship between allopathic and alternative healthcare methods. As in Prad’s story, there is no one right way to approach health care. True healthcare must come from a mix of different methods and ideologies to balance the body, and maintain an upbeat Rhythm of Life.