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Product Image (Sterling Silver Loader)


Now, with the perfect blend of form and function the useful has once again met the beautiful.

PresentingSterling Silver Loader, this custom handmade product true to it’s name is made with 100% pure natural Silver, it brings the glory and a class of mark that transcends beyond the loader you use to get the loose material from your tray into the pre-roll. Get your Sterling SilverConeLoader and let your smoke shine in glory.



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This essential yet exquisite accessory for the party wardrobeis housed inside an excellent packaging that is indicative of the class of what lies inside. Fabricated with the best in class art board and wrapped with superior quality pure leather this handmade craftsmanship calls for attention portraying an elegant and classy feel.



Product pack Image (closed)



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What is inside


Picture of open pack with items resting in their places


<the items in the box to be connected with the below TXT pointers>

1.    Silver Loader cone – Use it to load your herb and funnel it to your cone.

2.    Silver Scoop Card –Use it to gather herb from the tray and load it to your Silver Starling loader

3.     Silver Packing stick – Use it to pack your stuff nicely without air-gaps.


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(The below will be a step by step graphical representation with text… following the RAW cone loader video shared by Prad Ji.)

Using the loader…

  1. Take the loader in one hand and the scoop card on the other.
  2. Use the scoop-card to gather your herb onto the wide base of the loader
  3. Sleeve your pre-rolled cone onto the nail tip of the loader
  4. Start funneling the herb down the stem of the loader into the cone
  5. Tilt your loader to control the rate at which the herb enters evenly into your cone
  6. Use the Silver Packing Stick to push the herb on your loader directing it into your cone
  7. Use the packing stick to make sure your cone is packed evenly without air-gaps


* Though made to pair with our natural leaf made pre-rolled cones this product is compatible with most cone sizes.